Raj Patels – 2006 Custom Chrysler 300

My main hobbies and interest other than digital/social is customizing cars. From show to performance. Below are some of my rides I have owned – ahhh the good old days..

Well this is my baby. As most people know I have been into the car show scene a long time. My last car was a trophy hog with 40+ first place trophies, sponsored by Meguires, featured in multiple magazines, and custom everything on it. I don’t show anymore – so this new car/project is just for me.

Some highlights:

  • Lambo doors
  • LED interior lighting
  • Custom headlights & LED tail lights
  • Bentley Grill
  • 22″ Chrome Wheels – 11″ wide
  • Lowered 2″ by Eibach
  • Custom Stereo System (800 watts)