My Home Threatre and Gaming Room

Built my dream home theatre room

This was an amazing project. I always wanted a dedicated home theatre room for watching movies and gaming – but I needed to take it to the next level. We converted the the whole basement into a dedicated room for this home theatre beast. Which housed a 96″ screen which is fed by a 1080 projector, that got its signal from a True Farouja Chipset Denon DVD player which looked awesome. The 6.1 surround sound was beefed up by a huge Denon Amp, which fed the gobs of watts to 6 Paradigm speakers, and a large ass sub-woofer. Then I added a powerful gaming PC into the mix, which now allowed me to play PC games in 6.1 surround sound on the huge screen!

The room was sound proofed and also was painted dark chocolate brown to reduce reflection on the screen, all wires are in the walls, dimming lights, theatre seating with a raised row in rear. JUST AWESOME!

Grab a tissue, this could be Visually Orgasmic: Raj Patel’s Home Theatre and Gaming Arena

my home theatre room